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   Consolidated Reprographics, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

During the first half of 1998 my company, Consolidated Reprographics, entered into serious negotiations with Lason Corporation, a publicly traded company from Michigan, to be acquired in a combination cash and stock deal.  Upon the recommendation of CR’s accounting firm, I selected Mr. Roger Neu to represent my firm in the negotiations and contract review process.

Like many negotiation processes, it seemed to be a series of fits and starts.  However, once a verbal offer was accepted, all parties were anxious to move forward.  It was at that critical time that Roger Neu’s experience and expertise really paid off for Consolidated Reprographics’ shareholders.  Roger identified a number of issues we had not even thought of and was able to structure the Contract of Sale and Employment Agreements to protect our interests.  As we hammered out the final details of our deal, Roger worked fourteen hour-plus days and adjusted his working schedule to take advantage of the time difference between California and Michigan.

Once Consolidated Reprographics had joined the Lason family and I had the opportunity to meet with Lason’s legal counsel, they told me that it had been a pleasure for them to work with someone of Roger’s capabilities.  They indicated that his professionalism helped them complete our deal in a timely manner and actually assisted them in meeting their client’s goals as well.

Now, a year after the deal’s completion, we even better understand some of the issues Roger raised during the negotiation and contract phases of our transaction.  The documents he helped structure have served us very well and have allowed us to focus on growing our company to the benefit of both Lason Corporation and Consolidated Reprographics’ former shareholders.  I would highly recommend Roger Neu to anyone who is considering buying or selling a business.

Greg Lundeen